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Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody by Total Environment in Bangalore

Posted by Ravi Singh on 02/03/2023

Total Environment has been known for their class and style in Bangalore, India. Their recent residential project Pursuit of a Radical Rhapsody promises to be no different. Located at the edge of a small lake with grandeur views of nature, this architectural marvel provides eco-sustainable earth-sheltered homes enriched with luxury amenities and European modern furnishings as per the required design insight. The four-bedroom layouts for residents are designed based on our signature C20 layout that offers privacy requirements are met without compromising on space and comfort aspects coupled with the eye catching L30 three-bedroom apartments facing the lake that are sure to mesmerize anyone who visits. Cozy living rooms and an infinity pool ensure full enjoyment along with other clubhouse facilities like sports court ensuring each stay leaves you refreshed from within! Total Environment’s dedication towards sustainable development combined with sophisticated design easily leave them as one of the top choices for builders in Bangalore today!

Introducing the Radical Rhapsody by Total Environment in Bangalore

Introducing the Radical Rhapsody, by Total Environment in Bangalore! This magnificent project is situated right by the edge of a tranquil lake and offers a wide variety of luxurious amenities. From our signature earth sheltered homes, with four cozily designed bedrooms, to our popular C20 home, and to the unique L30 three-bedroom apartments, with stunning views of the lake, there’s something for every taste. Plus, we have also included some indulgent features like a solar-powered energy system and heated pool access that will make your experience truly incomparable. Get ready for an escape from ordinary living when you join us at the Radical Rhapsody in Bangalore!

Exploring the Uniqueness of the Project – Earth-Sheltered Homes, C20 & L30 Layouts

Exploring the project at the edge of a lake offers something truly unique. With our signature earth-sheltered homes offering four bedrooms, and the popular C20 layout, made even more special by its lake-facing three-bedroom L30 apartments, the project blends luxurious living with a touch of nature. Our creative designs ensure that you can make the most of both without compromising on either. Make your dwelling a perfect reflection of your style and personality like never before!

Admiring the Spectacular Views of the Lake from the Apartments

Pursuit of radical Rhapsody is a grand project that captures its surrounding elements flawlessly. Sitting at the edge of a small lake, the project provides spectacular views of the lake from the apartments. These remarkable views can be enjoyed from our signature earth-sheltered homes with four bedrooms, C20 layout, unique L30 three-bedroom apartments and our small balconies. Visitors get to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while relishing on the splendid sights of the lake rhythmically glistening under the sun. It’s such an incredible sight!

Experiencing a Sense of Natural Harmony and Tranquility

Pursuit of radical Rhapsody by Total Environment Luxury Villas offers an incredible opportunity to experience a sense of natural harmony and tranquility. Set around the edge of a small lake, their signature earth-sheltered homes provide four bedrooms in a C20 layout, as well as the novelty of our L30 three-bedroom apartments which face the lake. Providing an unparalleled level of panorama, Total Environment creates a uniquely tranquil atmosphere ideal for those seeking solace and respite from hectic daily lives.

Enjoying a Holistic Living Experience With Abundant Amenities

Pursuit of radical Rhapsody by Total Environment is an achievement in holistic living experience with abundant amenities. This project offers the best quality green design for modern lifestyles, incorporating a serene and tranquil lake-facing location just steps away from a range of facilities. All four bedroom C20 and three bedroom L30 layouts offer gorgeous open floor plans and ample terraces to enjoy the outdoors, while being sheltered within earth walls that create warm and pleasant temperatures indoors year-round. Enjoying this lifestyle means taking advantage of local amenities such as world-class shopping, sports complexes, stunning beaches, bike trails, parks and much more. Pursue your dreams while simultaneously living in harmony with nature – Pursuit of radical Rhapsody by Total Environment is the definition of a holistic living experience with abundant amenities.

Making Your Move to this Luxurious Development Today!

Looking for the perfect place to buy luxury villas in Bangalore? Look no further! This luxurious development offers four-bedroom earth-sheltered homes and unique three-bedroom lake-facing apartments, all located at the edge of a beautiful lake. Each home is designed with innovation, quality, sustainability and elegance as top priorities. Moving into this piece of paradise will be an easy decision to make. All that remains is jumping in and making your move today!

All in all, the Radical Rhapsody by Total Environment presents an opportunity to fill your life with luxurious splendor and natural harmony. With its signature earth-sheltered homes, four bedrooms, a unique lake-facing L30 three-bedroom apartments, and spectacular views of the lake from the apartments – it is truly a remarkable development with plenty of amenities that provide an all encompassing holistic living experience. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary project: make your move today and create unforgettable memories for years to come!

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