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Bhartiya City Nikoo 4 Homes Launched in Bengaluru

Posted by Ravi Singh on 21/08/2021

A group in India has announced a new project. This is called Nikoo 4 Homes. It will be residential apartments and it will be near major roads in Bangalore. The company is Bhartiya Group and it has already developed more buildings there before. The projects location makes it a good place to invest. You can live there, or sell it for long-term rental returns. The property is in a good location. People can get to important offices and hotels without any problems. They can even go out for business or other things easily.

Nikoo 4 Homes is an exclusive housing development designed for the modern family. This project has a team of architects, town planners and engineers. They work hard to build homes for people. There are different types of homes you can buy: studio apartments, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, 2.5 bedroom apartments or 3+ bedroom apartments. They range from 465 sq ft to 2488 sq ft in area. The prices for these apartments are about 52 lakh to 1.8 crore rupees in total.

These spacious, modern homes are in the heart of the city and a dream come true for so many home buyers. With amenities like Black Swan Club (clubhouse), Dance studio, Swimming pools,, Family doctor, Movie pods Play areas Spa & Gymnasium it offers everything you could want. Every house includes standard Italian designed kitchens as well as outdoor decks that seat four or more with access to all public spaces including supermarkets etc. Nikoo Homes is a residential property that offers everything you could want from your home in one location. This means the Nikoo homes are situated on more than 100 acres with amenities and services all within walking distance, as well as premium connections to major cities centers while still being quiet enough for relaxation! From Chaman Bhartiya School to Leela Hotel, Mall of Bengaluru and Central Park – there are plenty reasons for one’s investment in Nikoo Home.

Different kinds of schools, high-end hotels, and different places to live are among the reasons that this apartment complex is good. If you want a change from your current house then come on down! Nikoo Homes IV is an integrated township in Bangalore. 4000 homes were sold within a week of them opening. People can trust that these homes are well-built and will be of good quality. We have great features that are good for people who live in our buildings. They are affordable and they never had this before. We know you will like our project as much as we do because it is designed for all types of people and families!

Nikoo Homes IV is a new and modern city. There are many things to do there. You can go shopping and have fun with your friends. It has hospitals, stores, offices and more within walking distance if you need them.


Bhartiya Group has developed more buildings than one in Bangalore before. Nikoo 4 Homes will be a luxurious property with beautiful apartments where you can live and sell. Nikoo Homes IV is a residential property that offers all you could want from your home in one location, making it perfect for people who are looking for a new home.

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